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About Us

The Layered Earth is an initiative of SIMULATION CURRICULUM.

Our mission is to help fill the need for high quality, accurate, simulation based curriculum for topics in Astronomy, Earth Sciences and beyond.

Our brands include the renowned line of STARRY NIGHT EDUCATION Programs used in more than 10,000 classrooms, worldwide. You'll find us bundled with the most popular college astronomy textbooks and as the engine running the most advanced, teacher-friendly planetariums in the world.

We strive to give educators the powerful, accurate and reliable tools needed to inspire and engage students, regardless of level of content knowledge or technical expertise. As world leaders in simulation content for the education market, we refine and improve our products with the help of many of our favorite customers, the dedicated and talented K-12 science teachers who have provided us with invaluable feedback on what you need in the classroom.

These dedicated teachers have inspired us to create the comprehensive and supported curriculum in our new Earth Science and Geology software, The Layered Earth. We have blended our powerful simulation software with hands-on activities, multi-media and extensive teacher resource materials -- all correlated to national and state content standards.

The Layered Earth. The educational advantage for Earth Science.