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The Layered Earth Geology

Explore the deep structure of the Earth

The Layered Earth Geology is the ideal way for High School and Middle School students to learn Geology and Earth Science using state of the art simulation software. Our comprehensive, interactive curriculum covers topics including Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and more. Classroom and school licenses are available.

The Layered Earth Meteorology

The Layered Earth Meteorology gives High School and Middle School students a set of dynamic interactive simulations and learning tools to explore topics including the Atmosphere, Weather, Oceans, Earth's Energy Balance, Atmospheric Circulation and Climate Change. Classroom and school licenses are available.

Classroom Licenses and Bundles

We offer education discounts for multi-product bundles, and multi-seat installations in your classroom, library or computer lab.  We offer flexible installation options, and our Education Specialists can help identify funding sources. To discuss your custom solution CONTACT US, or call toll free 1-877-290-8256.

The Layered Earth Physical Geography provides a student-focused, rich multi-media environment that includes lessons, interactive computer simulations, innovative exercises, numerous extensions and connections, and assessment activities.

Engaging visualizations and rich pedagogy appeal to a wide variety of students and teaching styles. Manipulating models and simulations is a proven way to investigate scientific ideas, especially when dealing with things very slow, fast, large or small. With The Layered Earth, you'll give your students everything a textbook can't give them: a highly detailed, data-driven, virtual model of Earth that can be measured, manipulated and visualized.

Our innovative, compelling, complete Earth Science curriculum is ideal for self-guided exploration on individual desktop computers, in the computer lab, or as a dynamic lecture tool via interactive whiteboards or projectors.  Classroom and school licenses are available.